Security Operations

Ensure cyber resilience through continuous configuration of security controls, monitoring of policy violations, and incident management.

Knowledge of emerging threats and vulnerabilities, or realising that an incident has occurred, is of little value unless something is done about it. We’ll help you implement and maintain solutions and to execute security processes so that cyber risk is properly managed, end-to-end. Operation services are provided through our SOC or in-house, no matter what technology you have adopted.

Cybersecurity asset management

While cybersecurity asset management is not as sexy as AI, ML and some of today’s other important cyber technology topics, it is more important. Unless a (secure) configuration management practice is put in place, all vulnerability management efforts will be futile, and disruptions and security breaches will continue to happen. Our approach is unique, even in large heterogeneous infrastructures.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Most organisations do not need a full managed security service and all the complexity that comes with it. Our MDR service allows the detection of intrusions, malware and malicious activities in your network, using a reduced number of non-intrusive security controls to monitor it. The MDR service identifies and flags incidents for customers and recommends a set of actions to be taken.

Managed Security Services (or SOC-as-a-service)

Where organisations believe that the MDR service is “inadequate”, we provide complete and ongoing security services that can include activities such as vulnerability management, configuration management, event management and incident detection and response, through the Milestone SOC or your SOC.

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