Risk Avoidance

Anticipate threats by continuously detecting vulnerabilities and risks as early as possible, limiting response efforts to a minimum.

Most companies spend their cybersecurity budget on responding to incidents rather than preventing them. We’ll help you anticipate and respond to emerging threats by providing continuous access to actionable insights. Using specialised tools, and backed by a highly specialised and experienced team, Milestone delivers valuable information gathered by analysing data from multiple internal and external sources.

Vulnerability Management

In 2021 there was an overall 13% increase in reported system vulnerabilities systematically exploited by cybercriminals. Ongoing vulnerability assessment and mitigation is the best way to ensure that your assets are free of vulnerabilities and, to some extent, your business too

Red Team

Mitigation of system vulnerabilities is critical, but that alone is not enough. Cybercriminals also use other attack vectors, such as architectural and process weaknesses, and people. Simulating complex attacks that mimic the minds and techniques of hackers has become increasingly vital.

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