Preparedness and Response

Ensure cyber resilience and business continuity through preparedness, incident response and recovery capabilities.

There are only two types of organisations: those that have been hacked and those that don’t know it yet. Milestone helps organisations become more aware and teaches them how to respond when attacks occur.

Cyber incidents are going to happen. Even when taking preventative measures, it’s near impossible to make systems completely hack proof. Their impact, however, can be anticipated and minimised through adequate preparedness, contingency planning, digital forensics, on-site incident response and related activities. We’ll help you design integrated response plans, set up appropriate organisational structures and define programmes for effective cyber resilience.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plans (CSIRP)

In 2018, 77% of organisations did not have formal cybersecurity incident response plans applied consistently. We’ll help you design and put these plans into action so that you can implement appropriate preventative and recovery strategies across your organisation.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

When incidents occur, organisations need to quickly understand what happened, the extent of the damage, how to recover, and how to make sure that such an incident does not occur again. Our DFIR services do just this, in industry-leading time.

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