People Security

Increase cybersecurity by educating employees and transforming them into proactive, risk-aware and fully aware security controllers.

Restricting what employees can do and policing them is no longer the way to achieve security. The momentum of work, business transformation and operational efficiency make this impractical. Organisations need to implement new strategies that view each individual as a contributing stakeholder who is responsible for their rights. We assist organisations in developing and implementing people-centric structures (culture, policies and principles, etc.), the continuous learning of employees, and in monitoring and evaluating employee behaviour.


Awareness-raising programmes

Milestone increases “employee awareness and accountability” by designing and implementing comprehensive awareness-raising programmes. Using a multitude of channels and delivery mechanisms, employees are continually educated towards having a risk posture and appropriate behaviours, complementing the more conventional technical security controls.

Social engineering assessments

People are increasingly being targeted by hackers due to their access to information and general lack of knowledge on how data can be compromised. We’ll help you identify how your people are at risk by simulating attacks and providing actionable insights into how certain weaknesses can be addressed.

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