Tailor MadeDevelopments

Each company is unique and, as such, presents unique challenges for which it seeks a response tailored to its needs. We have invested in the design and implementation of customised solutions for different functional areas, developed using various technologies and in line with the natural evolution of SAP systems.

The expertise and critical thinking of our consultants allows us to shape solutions from conceptualisation to implementation.

Mobile apps tailored to your business

With SAP FIORI, we will help you implement standard scenarios and develop tailor-made apps. With a Web UI5 interface and more appealing design, FIORI applications are accessible from different types of devices.

ABAP Development

We guarantee the development of tailor-made solutions that complement standard processes, allowing us to respond to the needs of each organisation.

Accordingly, we include solutions tailored to your needs, from the simplest to the most complex, and which are supported by: Reporting; Data Migration; Extensions, BAdIs and Exits; Adobe Forms, Smartforms and SAPScript; Queries; Data Dictionary; ABAP Objects and ABAP for SAP HANA.

Portal collaboration tools

Development in ABAP, JAVA, Web Dynpro JAVA and BSP for portal implementation in several scenarios.

Implementation of Workflow Processes

Implementation of approval or other flows and procedures, including error or exception handling in the system. These processes speed up the flow of information and the triggering of tasks and/or processes between the various parties involved, allowing notifications to be sent.

Content Management

We’ll assist you in implementing processes to collect, manage and publish information in various formats.


Integration with other systems (SAP or non-SAP) is a constant reality in most organisations. To this end, and depending on the requirements to be considered, integration processes may be developed using various technologies: PI – Process Integration, WebServices SOAP, REST API, RFCs, BAPIs, EDI – Electronic Data Interchange, IDOCs – Intermediate Documents, OCI – Open Catalog Interface or DME – Data Medium Exchange Engine for file structuring.

Vendor Invoice Management

By implementing Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) we help our customers streamline invoice entry in the SAP system, to process and control invoices more efficiently and quickly.

SAP Systems Administration

SAP BASIS support and maintenance services tailored to the needs of each customer. Real-time preventive monitoring of SAP systems using auto-reaction methods for first line support.