Supply ChainSolutions

All companies have a value chain on which their business is built, whether it be production, services, marketing or distribution. Milestone offers all these companies a set of solutions aimed at maximising the efficiency of their value chain, crucial to the success of their business.

We help our customers by providing strategic consulting services and designing processes and solutions for system management, implementation, configuration and maintenance.

Implement an electronic invoicing solution tailored to your company's needs

Automate invoice receiving and sending processes and save costs, time and resources.

Every business is unique, which is why Milestone offers e-invoicing solutions adapted to the reality of each business. Our solutions help:

Ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Automate invoice receiving and sending processes, reducing the risk of common errors from manual processing.

Improve data quality and increase the efficiency of the organisation.

Implement digital signatures.

Improve payment times.

Eliminate paper handling and associated printing and distribution costs.

Reduce time spent on low-value tasks.

Facilitate integration between SAP ERP and external systems or brokers.

Ensure greater environmental responsibility.

Digitise and accelerate your warehouse operations

Automate and optimise traditional warehouse operations, from the receipt of goods, including storage, to packing and transport.

We help you optimise resource use, ensure compliance and respond to supply chain needs in real time through WM solutions tailored to your business. These solutions also help:

Improve warehouse operations management.

Integrate supply chain logistics into warehouse and distribution processes.

Optimise human resources and equipment, with techniques such as task interleaving and implementing controls for the use of space and equipment.

Increase insight, with stock management control, shelving and picking techniques.

Integrate and connect equipment to SAP systems, avoiding incorrect and repetitive data entry, thereby increasing efficiency in warehouse tasks.