We help our customers by providing consulting services, designing financial processes, and in system implementation, configuration and maintenance.

Our consultants’ financial and analytical expertise stems from several projects implemented in different business areas and involving different technologies and industries.

Financial management in the digital age

Based on the SAP S/4HANA in-memory platform, S/4HANA Finance is the natural and expected evolution of SAP systems.

The potential of this solution guarantees the processing of a large volume of data, allowing results to be obtained in real time and with greater capacity to carry out more complex financial analyses with multiple variables.

Our experience in this area enables us to optimise the implementation of these types of projects.

Speed up the analytical and accounting closing cycle

Accelerate even the most complex closing cycles, while meeting regulatory requirements and increasing control of the entire closing process.

With the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit, you can increase efficiency through centralised monitoring and control and enhanced automation.

Serialised for multiple organisational units and closing cycles.

Automated closing tasks, even in remote systems.

Complete audit trail, logging of results and documentation.

Real-time insight into the closing status.

Monitoring by head office and by subsidiary.

Identification and analysis of process improvements.

Collaborative solution, through approval workflows.

Improve production cost management

Gain more insight into the performance of the production process, from multiple perspectives.

Product Costing using the Material Ledger enables production cost management. This tool collects transaction data on material movements in various currencies and from various valuation perspectives.

Improves the assessment of the actual performance of the production process against the targets set.

Better identifies process inefficiencies.

Revaluation of inventories.

Analysis of the breakdown of product costing into its components.

Total transparency in the valuation of materials.

Allows analysis in several currencies.

Parallel valuation from different perspectives.

Gain insight into the profitability of your company across business-critical dimensions of analysis

Profitability analysis (CO-PA) allows you to analyse your company’s gross margin or contribution margin by market segment and by multiple dimensions of analysis.

Generate statements of profit and loss by functions

Enables classification of results by market segments according to product, customer, country or any additional dimension.

Provides sales, marketing, product management and corporate planning departments with information to support accounting and decision making.

Optimise real estate asset management

Centralised management of corporate, residential and commercial property portfolios, ensuring compliance (e.g. IFRS16) with the implementation of SAP Real Estate.

This solution allows you to control your properties in all phases of their life cycle, managing prospecting, acquisition and marketing activities. It enables:

Management of lease-in and lease-out contracts.

Space optimisation.

Centralised business processes.

Control of associated cash flows.

Management of all the financial, accounting and fiscal components of a contract.

Optimise the tax return preparation process

Use the transversal mechanism to generate tax forms, automating the preparation, validation and creation of tax return files. Fully integrated with the Tax Authority’s validation system.

This solution includes the following features:

Configuration of the rules for automatic completion of each field

Model estimations or multiple version analysis

Status and approval process control before submission of tax return(s)

Generation of the file (xml, txt) with the data to be submitted to the Tax Authority

A single scalable solution for different tax models