ViewportIA Asset management

Software that allows the creation of a ‘’ Digital Twin’’ of all relevant information about the various business assets, present in the client’s corporate systems.

It allows, in a standardized web platform, accessible via browser (Smartphone, PC, Tablet) to consult, view and search on the most up-to-date information on the company’s assets.

Updated and interconnected information via hyperlinks with reference to the various assets (via Tag, P&ID, numbering, equipment code), also allowing searches to be made on the quality of the integrity of the documentation, as well as navigating from asset to asset via the same hyperlinks.

Where does using Viewport add value?

Getting insights in large amounts of engineering content provided by 3rd parties

Improving information acessibility and reduce search time

Helps improving data quality / cleaning up information by providing insight in inconsistencies, duplicates, missing data

Increase Operational efficiency & Work safety by placing asset information in context

Place information in context effortlessly, using AI technologies, and make it accessible and viewable on any device.

Integrated view of asset information, allowing better decision making, longer tool usage time and a safer work environment.

Environment on the web, accessible in any browser

Interconnection to multiple systems, from SAP, Sharepoint, Meridian, Vault, etc ...

Ability to view these documents via the integrated viewer within the browser itself.

Recognition of P&ID tag numbers, line numbers, design numbers and document numbers, all obtained from the latest versions of native systems, SAP, Vault, etc ...

Viewer with clickable and fully automated links to equipment information, drawings and documents

OCR text recognition algorithm, which allows you to find information in scanned files.