SAP SupportCenter

Maintenance services that simplify our customers’ operations, offering integrated application and infrastructure management and ensuring continuous performance improvement.

Our main goals are to ensure the availability, reliability and consistency of systems, delivering high performance and updating of SAP product versions and databases according to the SAP roadmap, adapted to the particularities of our customers’ environments.

Our approach focuses on a high level of interaction between the customer and our team, based on a balanced model of remote and face-to-face support. This methodology makes the maintenance process more effective and flexible, backed by agile and customer-centric service management. Hiring and service management models tailored to your needs, under a flexitime, fixed-fee responsibility or other model.

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customer satisfaction level

Application and Management Services

Preventive, corrective and evolutionary application maintenance services for all SAP systems, including S4/HANA:

Service level implementation

User training and information

Account management for monitoring service and customer satisfaction levels

Delivery of consultative reports, with suggestions for improvement

Use of service management software that allows the classification of tickets by level of severity, monitoring by the user, and real-time reports and dashboards

SAP BASIS support and maintenance services tailored to the needs of each customer.

Real-time preventive monitoring of SAP systems using auto-reaction methods for first line support.

Business continuity through disaster recovery service configuration.

Advisory and Systems Architecture

Infrastructure analysis and optimisation in keeping with new market requirements, namely SAP HANA, Cloud services, among others.

Advice on the best solutions to implement (e.g. SAP HANA architectures, disaster recovery scenarios).

Optimisation of infrastructure resources to boost cost savings.

Analysis and optimisation of infrastructure that supports SAP systems.

Assessments of SAP systems to identify weaknesses and recommendations for improvement.

Installation, OS/DB Migrations and Upgrade Services

Heterogeneous/homogeneous migration of SAP systems to SAP supported operating systems and databases.

Monitoring of SAP strategy in terms of infrastructure, systems and application evolution.

Go-Live Support.

Operational support following migration.

Cloud Managed Services

Expertise in SAP systems migration to a cloud model - public, private and hybrid.

Provision of managed services from the infrastructure layer to the SAP front-end layer.