To enable decision-makers to take the best management actions, it is increasingly important to measure and monitor the economic and financial as well as the commercial and operational performance of companies, so as to produce quality just-in-time information in a controlled environment, reducing time spent on low value-added processes through automation.

By implementing EPM solutions in your business, managers will immediately be able to identify inefficiencies, process failures, and opportunities. This step requires automation, as it becomes complex and costly to manage manually.

An EPM project includes defining the best practices, processes and tools that inform statutory reports, management reports, strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, and the reporting of analytical performance indicators to meet the real information needs of the decision-makers.

Milestone’s EPM team boasts extensive technological and functional expertise and invests significantly in the innovative solutions that it develops internally, adaptable to any business sector.

Automate the consolidated reporting process

Streamline consolidated reporting and the generation of consolidated and individual financial statements and their accompanying notes in IFRS, SNC or SNC-AP.

Milestone’s financial consolidation and reporting solutions are tailored to the context of Portuguese business groups (private and public), to the national accounting plans – SNC and/or SNC-AP – and are compatible with all consolidation and reporting technologies.

These solutions include:

Reporting of (consolidated and individual) financial statements and their accompanying notes in IFRS, SNC and/or SNC-AP, including information by segment/business.

Features for the reconciliation of balances, transactions and intra-group flows, and currency translation into any consolidation currency.

Management of consolidation perimeters and sub-perimeters and periodic changes.

Automated processing of consolidation adjustments according to the different methods, including changes in methods.

Streamlining of audit processes, ensuring data transparency and compliance, from the collection phase to processing and reporting.

Access to detailed information on the reporting cycle workflow.

These solutions can be integrated with other reporting tools, such as SAP Disclosure Management, for instance, for the management and automated generation of reports and financial statements.

Adopt the latest technologies

SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting is the consolidation solution developed especially for SAP S4HANA customers, and is available on premises and on cloud.

Enables consolidation without the need to transfer data, fully linked to the transaction data of the companies in SAP S/4HANA.

Supports the complete flow of consolidated collection, processing, analysis and reporting.

Allows the creation of data categories and reporting cycles with different levels of detail, such as for planning and simulations.

Option to drill from consolidated reports down to document level by group company.

Full integration with other reporting solutions, such as SAP Analytics Cloud.

Optimise the internal and external reporting process

Save time by automating the corporate reporting process, reducing effort and risk.

Leverage our solutions for optimising the reporting process, from preparation to publication of documents, such as individual and consolidated reports and financial statements.

These solutions enable:

Greater agility and flexibility, speeding up the generation of reports and integrating different data sources.

Increased collaboration and control by assigning different levels of responsibility in the reporting process to each team member.

Reduction in reporting risks, enabling the controlled, complete and auditable production and publication of information for internal and external use, including for compliance with regulatory obligations (XBRL, iXBRL, HTML, PDF formats)

Success stories

Nabeiro Group

Implementation of the SAP Business Financial Consolidation solution at the Nabeiro Group