HXM Analytics

HXM Analytics is a framework built using Milestone’s intellectual property. It contains a data model for gathering information from source systems, routines for applying advanced analytics models/processes/criteria, and a visualisation component, aimed at providing insights into certain employee life cycles.

The HXM analytics solution essentially focus on three pillars in managing the human experience in an organisation: Attraction/Recruitment, Development and Retention

Designed for Human Resources Departments

Developed by Milestone using artificial intelligence and machine learning

Uses <strongpredictive</strong and <strongprescriptive</strong analytics

Based on profiling techniques, Milestone’s Advanced Analytics Centre developed different groups, enabling identification of different PERSONAS.

HXM Analytics can monitor, predict and anticipate which employees will stay, who will progress internally, and who will leave the company.

HXM Analitycs is centred around people and the employee experience.

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