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What is the new digital workplace?

Is this work model here to stay?

With the pandemic plaguing the global economy for the past two years, organisations have had to adjust to new business, management, consumption and investment models, aided by the technological advancement that has also directly or indirectly leveraged transformation in the way we work and the workplace.

Organisations have had to adapt to a new remote digital workplace, where people can work from anywhere, and while many are keeping and moving towards this workplace model, others are pushing a return to the office.

So, should organisations maintain the safety of the office or embrace this transformation?

Workplace changes are at the heart of the transformation process. To attract more specialised talent in order to ensure business sustainability in an increasingly demanding market, organisations must offer a more competitive package, as these professionals are more demanding, have different priorities when it comes to work-life balance, and prefer a digital workplace. Studies show that in 2021 employees are seeking long-term, flexible working arrangements and having to return to the office is pushing them to look for a new employer.

No matter the industry, the digital workplace will ensure gains in several areas that are key to success, it provides greater comfort, increases productivity, and can ultimately result in increased revenue, ensure loyalty and employee retention.

But this change must be underpinned by the redesigning of processes, preparing the business for change, introducing new technologies or upgrading existing technology platforms, evaluating the ability of employees to adapt to cultural change, and improving risk management and security.

So what is the new digital workplace?

Essentially, the new modern digital workplace, where we can work anywhere and on multiple devices, is an organisational blend of physical and digital workspace (anywhere, any time and any device).

With the Microsoft 365 suite and a set of sharing, communication, productivity and security technologies and applications that harness the power of the cloud, bringing together the best of both worlds while meeting the operational needs of businesses and employees, through SharePoint, Teams, Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Intune and Power BI, there has been a paradigm shift in working practice.

Sharing, collaboration and data – meet the challenges of distributed teams, employees in hybrid and remote working models, multiple devices, and risk and security management with a cloud-based approach.

Enhanced security – end-to-end Microsoft 365, multi-factor, advanced threat protection and endpoint management provide organisations and employees with a secure environment that adapts to evolving threats and future disruptions.

Collaboration and communication – employees can innovate, create and collaborate, equipped with tools such as Teams, Sharepoint and Intune, which facilitate access to applications, services, information and documents anywhere, anytime.

The workplace has changed, the way we work has changed. This requires flexibility, direction and the creation of a new organisational culture, a new security culture, and tackling other challenges that come with change. Now more than ever, we must use the right tools and technology to meet the operational needs of organisations and employees.

We can help you embrace this change.


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