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What are the advantages of using a Project Management Methodology?

Milestone has its own set of project management methodologies, ensuring that projects can be carried out in a professional, harmonised and distinctive manner:

  • MILE Waterfall, based on the Waterfall methodology
  • MILE Fast Deploy, based on Hybrid methodology (Agile VS Waterfall)
  • MILE Activate, based on the SAP Activate methodology


Milestone Project Management Methodologies are based on a set of practices that allow agile planning, implementation, monitoring and control of projects regardless of their duration or complexity.

They are applied in such a way as to guide and facilitate implementation of a project, ensuring proper communication and engagement with customers, and to motivate the team during the course of project implementation. These are key factors for the success of our projects.

Below are the main benefits of using a project management methodology, irrespective of the methodology used:

  1. Projects with clear and organised planning improve collaboration between teams and allow greater control of the processes to be implemented
  2. Clear definition of the roles of team members enables greater focus on delivering differentiating solutions
  3. Well-defined goals increase the effectiveness of the teams, enabling compliance with deadlines and reducing risks (anticipation and mitigation)
  4. A communication plan keeps teams aligned, focused and committed
  5. Decision-making relevant/critical to the project is more agile

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