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HR Digital Transformation | From Need to Implementation

Today the vast majority of HR leaders love people and what they do, have amazing ideas, and show passion and commitment in everything they do. They want to improve the employee experience within the organisation, they want to increase retention rates, and improve levels of well-being and happiness. They have the necessary strategies, they are designed, thought out and mostly brilliant.

However, many of these leaders are faced with a major challenge; the fact that they do not have the right management tools to implement their strategies.

A recent SAP study shows that 84% of leaders consider employee experience a top priority, but only 9% believe they are ready to address the issue.

Why is it so important to have efficient tools to move strategies forward?

When we try to automate a process, such as recruitment or performance appraisal, without the right tools, the result will always fall short, be it because data has to be entered manually, or because the tool itself is fallible, or because it does not give you the desired insight. Data often even ends up being “swallowed up” by the very process that has been broken down into countless daily tasks and is doing the opposite of what the technology was intended for. Technology should be used to integrate and automate data and to inform decisions.

If organisations want healthy and sustained long-term growth, they must invest in technology solutions that provide tools that are:

Flexible – adapt to different scenarios, are customisable, and can meet the particular needs of each organisation;

Multifunctional – ensure good accessibility via a browser or mobile app, enabling real-time extraction of information and providing a “helicopter view”;

Integrated – all processes (recruitment, onboarding, record management, payroll processing, performance appraisal, and other processes) contained in the same solution and interconnected;

User-friendly – agile, intuitive and engaging all employees within the organisation.

This implies halting and restructuring processes. In other words, “getting your head out of the sand”, doing away with the micro-tasks resulting from poorly implemented processes, and harnessing the good ideas out there and strategically putting them into practice, with a long-term outlook and supported by agile, flexible and integrated solutions.


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