Discover Milestone's solutions for simplifying tax return filing for businesses. — Milestone

Discover Milestone’s solutions for simplifying tax return filing for businesses.

From the moment they are set up, companies are subject to tax and reporting obligations to the Tax Authority.

Currently, there is no standard SAP solution that fully addresses certain Portuguese tax obligations. The significant effort involved in completing certain tax forms by hand is a challenge for companies, as effective time management is becoming an increasingly important factor in their performance.

In order to meet this challenge, Milestone has developed a framework to respond to our customers’ constant demand for a solution that automates and helps users obtain the information they need.

Our solution includes a cross-cutting mechanism for generating files, thus automating the process of preparing and validating tax returns and integrating them into the Tax Authority’s validation system.

The automated tax return solution includes:

  • parameterisation of tax return forms;
  • analysis of the extraction of SAP values for the respective fields;
  • generation of the file to be submitted on the Tax Authority platform.

This solution automates the preparation and validation of tax returns and offers the following features:

  • configuration of the rules for completion of each field;
  • visualisation of the completed fields;
  • comment entry in each form field;
  • generation of formats (xml, txt) with form data for submission on the Tax Authority platform;
  • approval workflow;
  • version management: more than one version of the form to be submitted can be created for the same period;
  • ability to create draft tax returns in order to control potential amounts until preparation of the final tax return;
  • manually change automatically generated amounts. This feature includes individual form configuration in order to indicate which fields can be edited. The user and date/time of the change are recorded for all changes made;
  • PDF view of completed forms that need to be saved as attachments in the tax file;
  • Excel generation of the tax file with the data and amounts calculated for the fields of the respective forms;


The main benefits of using this solution are:

  • all information is centralised on the same system: the SAP system will receive the information entered, create the forms and generate the final file for submission to the Tax Authority;
  • more time for analysis: since less time is spent on manual tasks, the solution gives you more time for analysis and estimates;
  • auditable and traceable: all changes include information on “who” and “when” they were made and all amounts calculated include information of how they were determined;
  • ease of use: easy to explain to other organisations/departments how amounts were calculated;
  • simplifies other processes: besides creating forms, it also simplifies creation of the tax file;
  • requires process definition: rules are created for accounting entries to enable automated calculation of the form fields;
  • a single scalable solution for different tax forms: the same solution for the various tax forms to be submitted.

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