Who are we?

We are a company dedicated to excellence in the provision of consultancy services.
We believe it is critical to the success of our clients that the service is carried out by a team of recognized Skills, flexible, motivated and innovative, ethical values and principles which are perfectly clear.
We believe that only in this way could continuously improve the relationship with customers.
We want to be a organization that attracts, retains and invests in employees with high performance, training them, motivating them and inspiring them towards excellence.
For this, our managers have a statute of Partner. What strengthens its total commitment to service quality provided to customers and the organization.

Our Skills

Milestone Consulting is a consulting since 2010 with extensive implementation experience in various areas of management, with a particular focus on financial, management control, treasury, planning and budgeting, consolidation, costing, profitability analysis and reporting. With a very high level of seniority among its consultants (average experience of thirteen years), Milestone currently has 42 employees in total.

Falls we started our business we have grown by 20% per annum with continuous inclusion of new areas of knowledge. Here is a great flexibility and adaptability to customer needs, having a grade focus on sustained growth in recognition and value creation, customer satisfaction (and better solution quality in delivery) and the maximization of investment versus return ratio;

We have 3 separate areas which are:

Consulting (Consulting, SAP, and Microsoft Consulting) The company's main features have a simple, flexible and focused on delivering solutions organizational structure. We have a team with high seniority, key references on the market and experience in implementing complex solutions;
Outsourcing - With a team averaging 12 years’ experience in SAP consulting, Milestone has a deep and multidisciplinary knowledge of existing and currently operating SAP solutions. Today, several companies are already making use of the Milestone in outsourcing regime and that are supported by a team dedicated to the delivery of this service.
Technology - Creating products specific to customers or small gaps in the market. The Milestone Suite SFA (Sales Force Automation) is a module that allows improving and streamlining this management while maintaining logic of cost efficiency. We also develop the Milestone Suite SDM (Sales and Delivery Management) for micro and small enterprises. Was before the finding of constant changes and increases in competitiveness in these companies arising Milestone SDM Suite, a highly versatile solution in the cloud that aims to bring businesses of their markets. And last but not least, we have created a tool Bank Reconciliation solution created by our consultants, based on the vast experience we have in the areas of treasury, and facilitating the process of bank reconciliation, providing them with high automation and releasing those responsible for treasury departments to activities with higher added value.

Our customers per business.

Milestone has no specific areas where she has worked with more intensity. We can say that we are a cross-industry company.
In the areas of costing we are working hard in the fields of manufacturing and consumer goods.
In the areas of transportation management we have developed models for analyzing profitability.
In the financial components have worked a lot in the engineering & construction mill products, chemicals and service industries.
Human resources are present in all industries.

Our partners:

Throughout its existence, the Milestone has undertaken several strategic partnerships with companies that act, or not, in the domestic market.
These partnerships aim particularly complement our products or services, in order to provide our customers with the most complete service possible and excellence that meets their needs.